​Tips for Maintaining Your 30A Beachfront Home for Sale

​Tips for Maintaining Your 30A Beachfront Home for Sale

Tips for Maintaining Your 30A Beachfront Home for Sale

Before you buy a 30A beachfront home for sale, consider some important issues you need to address once you own a beachfront property. Since 30A luxury homes are right along the Gulf of Mexico (which is part freshwater and mostly saltwater) these beachfront properties are prone to damage from saltwater.

Your 30A beachfront home deserves all the maintenance it can get to keep it in top form; these tops will help you achieve that.

Owners of beachfront properties need to treat their homes differently from the mainland properties because their homes are more exposed to the elements like sun, wind, rain, and salt.  Beachfront properties need regular and proper maintenance in order to get the most value out of them, especially if you plan to sell them or rent them out.

Make sure that your 30A luxury home is in tip-top shape with these valuable tips for maintenance.

Here are 3 tips on how to maintain your 30A beachfront home for sale and make it stand out and stay fresh for the years to come:

1. Windows

Salt buildup is corrosive to metals. Avoid metal and opt for fiberglass door and window frames for your beachfront home. Other options are vinyl and aluminum but these materials aren’t as anti-corrosive as fiberglass. If you need to use metal, use stainless steel.

If salt particles have accumulated in your windows, clean them often and rinse with fresh water. Cleaning all the exterior surfaces of your beachfront home will loosen salty residue that eats away on the surfaces. The longer the surfaces are damp, the more corrosion is likely to happen.

Applying WD-40 to metal window fasteners, hinges, and other metal hardware will slow down corrosion and pitting.

Salt neutralizers are also good in protecting the metal parts of your beachfront home.

2. Bathroom and Kitchens

Molds thrive in damp coastal areas and can grow on carpets, ceilings, wood to just about anything. Prevent mold growth by inspecting all areas of the home where the spray of water from the ocean may leak inside. Make sure that all leaks are fixed and that those areas have good air circulation (fans or fresh air). Make sure all carpets are clean and dry, as well as other fabric surfaces like window treatments.

If the shower corners in your bathroom have mold of mildew, scrub it with some mild detergent, let it dry, then apply a mixture of ¼ cup bleach to 1 quart of water.

Inspect your bathroom caulking regularly, dry the shower doors with a squeegee after every use, and use anti-fungal cleaners regularly.

For your kitchen, you may apply a protective wax coating to metal appliances to repel water and rust damage.

You can also use dehumidifiers or install more vents to prevent dampness in the home. Some people even install vents in their closets, which is one of the areas with the poorest ventilation.

Keep your 30A luxury home in its best gorgeous form with these top tips for maintenance.

3. Outdoor Furniture

Your patio furniture will take the most severe beating from the salty air and moisture. To protect your outdoor furniture, cover it at night time and when not is use. You can remove salt buildup by rinsing your furniture often, preferably once a week, then drying it with a soft cloth. Do not use strong or harsh cleaners on your furniture. Instead use something more gentle like dishwashing soap.

Every few months, you can apply a coat of car wax on your furniture to give it more protection.

If your metal furniture is powder-coated and the coating is eroded or chipped, exposing the bare metal, rust will set in unless it is treated immediately. You can apply rubbing alcohol to that area and sand it lightly, then cover the spot with some touch-up paint from the manufacturer.

If you can, avoid using metal for your outdoor furniture. But if you have to use metal, cast aluminum furniture tends to withstand the saltwater environment best.

The benefits of living on a 30A beachfront home far outweigh the cost of maintenance, but it is still important to take these into consideration when buying a 30A beachfront home for sale.

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