30A Real Estate Sales up 20%

30A Real Estate Sales up 20%

30A Real Estate is HOT!

2012 saw lots of changes in our market. 30A Real Estate sales (condos and homes) was up almost 20% over 2011. (Click for larger image).

30A Real Estate Sales, 2012 v s. 2011

All information and statistics show we are at the bottom of our Real Estate market. Remember, Real Estate is local! Just like the weather.

Inventory continues to be at it’s lowest levels since 2006. It was at an all-time high in 2008, with almost 50 months! We are now at about 11 months of inventory! When it gets to about 6 months, it will be considered a more “balanced” (between Buyers and Sellers) real estate market.

30A Real Estate inventory is downThis chart below shows the number of vacant lot sales over the past few years. 30A Real Estate vacant lot sales were up 50% over 2011!! Drive around and you will see a ton of building going on!

30A Real Estate vacant lot salesHere are a couple of charts for, 30A Real Estate, single-family homes and condos showing the number of units sold and under contract (pending), comparing 2012 to 2011.

30A Real Estate Sales 2012 units  sold

30A Real Estate sales 2012 units pending If you want to see a month by month break out, just contact me and I will email you a chart.

2013 is the year of change (at least for me and my husband, lol). I started the year with a new Real Estate firm, and even changed Accountants after 11 years.

30A Real Estate is changing, so don’t miss the opportunity to buy before prices really start going up!

Debbie James

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