4 Smart Upgrades to Make Your 30A Luxury Home for Sale More Appealing

4 Smart Upgrades to Make Your 30A Luxury Home for Sale More Appealing

4 Smart Upgrades to Make Your 30A Luxury Home for Sale More Appealing

Most people consider smart technology as important and essential in their current and future 30A luxury homes.

Luxury home buyers are willing to make sacrifices for more technology in their new home. According to Digital Interiors, 94% of buyers are willing to sacrifice 1,000 square feet of living space for more smart-home technology.

Upgrade your 30A luxury home with the new technology trends today!

Oversized homes along 30A are no longer the trend in the luxury real estate market. Here are what luxury homebuyers are looking for when it comes to technology and gadgets they want in their home:

1. Enhanced Home Security Systems.

Outdated alarms are those that just made annoying loud sounds and contacted the police at the sign of danger. Modern systems include wireless cameras mounted on the ceiling or wall of the inside and outside of the home and monitored remotely. New owners of homes along 30A can keep an eye on their home from vacation, at work, or when they are outside without worrying.

2. Smart Thermostat.

Update your 30A luxury home for sale with a smart thermostat that will surely impress potential buyers. Smart thermostats are programmed to adjust the temperature automatically when you leave to conserve energy. You can even control the settings and adjust preferences right from your smartphone. The idea of a smart thermostat is the ability to control the overall climate of the home instead of just a fixed temperature.

3. Modern Kitchen. 

An updated kitchen significantly increases a home’s sales price but luxury homebuyers are looking for more than just chef’s kitchens and new appliances. The latest trends in kitchens include no-touch faucets, Bluetooth smart cooking thermometers that alert your mobile device when the food is cooked, and smart refrigerators that alert you when you are running low on groceries or with a built in camera so you can check its contents. Some refrigerators even have a built-in Wi-Fi to connect to your mobile device and accessories that can be 3-D printed.

4. Luxury Entertainment.

We’re not talking about just flat screen TVs, surround sound, and home theaters. Take entertainment to a new level by getting a system where you can control your home entertainment systems from one device. Change channels on the TV, turn on the music, and adjust the lighting and climate with just one tap on your smart device. Even if you are upstairs getting ready for an evening of entertaining friends, you can already adjust the atmosphere of the entertainment and living room area downstairs to create a luxurious ambiance.

Smart upgrades that will make your luxury home along 30A more appealing and more modern!

These 4 high-tech upgrades will surely impress potential buyers and get you a higher selling price for your 30A luxury home for sale.

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