6 Things that 30A Luxury Home Buyers Look for Besides Location

6 Things that 30A Luxury Home Buyers Look for Besides Location


6 Things that 30A Luxury Home Buyers Look for Besides Location

There are certain features of 30A luxury homes that attract buyers and, as the age-old saying in real estate goes: “location, location, location” makes all the difference.

However, besides location, there are other features that buyers look for and are willing to pay more for in a 30A luxury home for sale.

 Find out which features you can improve more to attract a wider pool of buyers for your 30A luxury homes.

If you are selling your home along 30A, you might want to consider these:

1. Unobstructed Light and Views
One of the best features of a 30A luxury home on the waterfront is the amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico. A home that is open to the beach and lets in lots of natural light increases the value of the home as well as improves the mood of those living in it. Make sure your windows offer clear and unobstructed views of the beach and make it your focal point by rearranging your furniture to guide the eyes to the main windows.

2. Ceiling Height
For luxury homes, the higher the ceiling, the better. Luxury homes usually have ceilings about 14 feet. Instead of focusing on square footage, consider the cubic footage of your home.

3. Windows
Windows are the primary source of heat loss, especially during the winter season. Make sure your windows are double-paned and are heavily insulated to protect against the cold weather and also to minimize the noise from outside.

Consider this list to prioritize when you sell your 30A luxury home.
4.  Storage
Buyers love homes that offer plenty of storage space. If your 30A luxury home is limited with its existing closet and storage space, you can hire a custom closet company to create the storage space you desire.

5. Architectural Style
Good architecture retains and even increases the value of a home. If you are planning to build or remodel a home along 30A, do some research first on architects with a good track record. Look for ones who can offer beautiful but practical designs. In choosing architectural designs, consider how your home will look and be perceived not just now, but in a few decades. Aside from the exterior facade, your home should also have a solid foundation, high-grade materials, and an artistic touch to make it unique and stand out.

6. Practical Layout
If you plan to invite guests to your 30A luxury home or use it as a vacation rental, make sure your home’s layout has a clear separation between private and social areas. You won’t want guests coming in and out of your main bedroom just to use the bathroom. or stepping in the hallway with wet and sandy feet to go take a shower. Eat-in kitchens are also a nice feature for luxury homes.


If you are planning to sell your 30A luxury home, consider this list of features that buyers want in luxury homes. These are the features that shouldn’t be compromised and should be prioritized.

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