Cafe’ Thirty-A Seagrove Beach, FL

Cafe’ Thirty-A Seagrove Beach, FL

Cafe Thirty-AAnother Review of A Local Eatery from my friend the food critic…

Located in the heart of Seagrove Beach, FL, Café Thirty-A is a seasoned (no pun intended) café in the area. Whether Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall, you will always find this eatery a buzz.

The atmosphere is pleasant with its linen cloths and napkins donning the tables along with simple but smart place settings. The service was impeccable, at least at our table, as we were fortunate to have Glen catering to our every whim and desire. Our glasses were never left empty… Whether wine, liquor or H2O, we never once had to seek our server to accommodate our beverage requests. That, in itself, was delightful!

Before I begin the descriptions of what we dined on (there were four of us), I would like to add that the presentation of each dish was very appealing to the eye. Sometimes, that is half the “flavor” of the dish! The wine list is extensive and you may purchase it by the glass or bottle.

One of our foursome began with the Roasted Beet Salad, which was red and yellow beets, candied pecans, arugala, gorgonzola, Verjus Blanc and E.V.O.O. It was a little bland and needed maybe onions.

Another of our guests selected for her first course the Beef Carpaccio, served with horseradish sauce, truffle vinaigrette, shaved Asiago and arugula. It was quite enjoyable.

And of course, the old stand-by of Caesar salad with home- made croutons was tasty but not authentic.

The bread served at each table with olive oil and/or butter was simply fair at best. I highly recommend they seek a better bakery to provide a tastier, heartier bread for their offering.

On to the main courses. The Pan Roasted Cobia, accompanied by Saffron Risotto, chorizo, Spanish Roma tomatoes and Chimichurri was Delectable. It has a refined, fired taste that tickled the pallet. The Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, presented with creamy polenta, braised cabbage, roasted apples and peach demi was, although sounding rich in flavor, was not. However, when we asked Glen if two of us could have the surf without the turf, we were given two Lobster Tails instead, with an additional charge, of course! I must say, the lobster, poached in butter, was prepared to perfection and the basil infused mashed potatoes were simply divine.

To finish off the low- cal meal we had consumed, we just had to partake in a little desert and after dinner beverage. We opted to share the Pineapple Upside Down Cake which was recommended. Sadly, in expectation of a scrumptious, calorie laden desert, it was flat and not very good. The cake was very thick and there were not even any cherries! Humph!

All in all, the experience of dining at Café Thrity-A was pleasant and fun, thanks in great part to our server Glen. I do recommend dining at Café Thirty-A. And I recommend you ask for Glen!

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