Destin FL Real Estate Market Statistics – 2nd Quarter 2011

Destin FL Real Estate Market Statistics – 2nd Quarter 2011

destin-fl-real-estate-market-statistics-2nd-quarter-2011Destin FL Real Estate Market Statistics – 2nd Quarter 2011

As our busy summer rental season comes to an end, Destin real estate sales certainly have not! The biggest question, of which I am asked daily, is “are we at the bottom of the Destin FL real estate market”?  Unfortunately, my crystal ball is in the shop. All kidding aside, it appears we are at the bottom, and if not exactly at the bottom, very close. Our market statistics prove this.

My question to you is “does it really matter if the Destin real estate market goes down a little bit more if you are holding the property for 5-10+ years”? It’s like trying to time the stock market for the exact bottom…it’s just not going to happen. Why wait to purchase Destin real estate? In the 2nd quarter, alone sales are up about 50% over 2010 and pending sales are up 108%!!

Download these Destin market statistics here: Destin FL Real Estate Market Statistics

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