Destin Florida – I’m Lucky to Live Here

Destin Florida – I’m Lucky to Live Here

Labor Day weekend is behind us…wow hard to believe it’s September. Time is flying!

While many were at the beach, at a bar-be-que, shopping or just plain having fun, I was showing property. I’m not looking for the “let me play my small violin”, lol, because I’m so happy to do so! Several reasons…

  • I absolutely love to show property because I love what I do. I have the best Clients!
  • Holiday weekends aren’t necessarily a holiday for us Realtors. The long weekends means buyers have the time to be here and look at property.
  • I’m lucky to live at the beach…and I need to continue to sell real estate to live here šŸ™‚

One of my buyers, whom I showed property to this weekend, called me yesterday to ask a question. She started our conversation by saying “You are lucky to live at the beach. You don’t have to go back to reality”. When we hung up, her statement really hit me…more about the going back to reality part. Yes, I know I am lucky to live here, and I don’t take it for granted…hence the reason my husband and I work so hard…we want to stay here! It’s funny because whenever I leave the area, about 2 days later, I’m “home sick”. I just want to get back to paradise. So even when I “come back to my reality, Destin, Florida” I am glad to be here and ready to get back to selling real estate.

Check out the updated YTD-2010 spreadsheet in the “stats” box to the right. For those of you who believe nothing is selling…the numbers don’t lie.

What do you think?

Debbie James

850 Properties
32 Hub Lane, Watersound, FL 32461

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