Florida Panhandle’s Best Kept Secret – Coastal Dune Lakes

Florida Panhandle’s Best Kept Secret – Coastal Dune Lakes

Florida Panhandle's Best Kept Secret - Coastal Dune LakesFlorida Panhandle’s Best Kept Secret – Coastal Dune Lakes

Did you know that our area of the Florida Panhandle not only has the most beautiful beaches to be found but we also have Coastal Dune Lakes that are fed by streams, rain and ground water seepage, unique only to places such as Australia, the Northern Pacific Coast, and Madagascar?  During storms, the lake may meet with the Gulf and, depending on the storm and weather, the Gulf may emit its waters into the lake (known as outfalls).

The lake-water is generally colored (e.g., tea or black colored) due to the dissolved organic matter it contains. This is a natural phenomenon, and it’s nothing to be worried about! While these lakes are exposed to normal weather conditions just like any lake, Florida’s coastal dune lakes are also tremendously impacted by hurricane activity (i.e., storm frequency, strength, and duration). [nggallery id=7]

How many do we have in South Walton and what are their names? Where can we see them? They are seen as one travels from west to east along Scenic Highway 30-A. Their names are:  Stallworth Lake · Lake Allen Lake · Oyster Lake · Draper Lake · Big Redfish Lake · Alligator Lake · Little Redfish Lake · Western Lake · Eastern Lake · Deer Lake · Camp Creek Lake

Coastal Dune Lakes Map
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And don’t forget to bring your binoculars to watch the wonderful birds that visit the area!

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