Hello from NW Florida

Hello from NW Florida
debbiejames.jpgI hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season. There were lots of people here and the stores were jammed packed. It’s been rather chilly this week and will be thru the weekend…high upper 40s – low 50s 🙂 That’s cold for this area…I’m originally from New York, so one would think I am used to the cold. Well, I moved to Atlanta in 1992 and then to Destin in 2004. So, being in the South for many years has changed that. My Grandma has lived in South Florida since I can remember. While growing up in NY, I would ask her about the weather (in winter time) and she would say “It’s cold in Florida”. At the time, it would be zero in NY and in the 50s or 60s in Florida…yea right Gram, it’s not cold. 🙂 After all those years of her saying that to me I finally understand what she meant!!!

Destin is located in the Florida Panhandle, pretty much in the middle. Pensacola is to our West and Panama City is to our East. It truly is the best kept secret about Florida. If you have never been, you really need to visit. Many visitors, who have travelled all over the world, can not believe how gorgeous it is here…the most beautiful beaches in the country…white sand and emerald green waters.

In this blog, I will be talking about the real estate market as it pertains to my area, posting different opportunities, and also discuss how Realtors can get lots of real estate referrals. If you have a specific question, drop me an email and I will post your question along with my answer. Any question you have, I’m sure others are wondering the same.

My Real Estate Partner, Wanda Duke, and I had a fabulous year in 2007. I know that sounds odd, however it is the truth (and I only speak the truth). 2006 was a good year and we sold double last year. It is truly amazing how many Realtors just want the easy money and don’t want to work. I came to Florida at the end of the boom. As a Realtor, I did not make the easy money like others. Those are the ones complaining. Wanda and I don’t mind working hard, we answer our phones and yes, we even return phone calls!!

I look forward to sharing information and getting to know my readers. Everything is great in 2008!!!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2008!

Debbie James
Emerald Coast Real Estate
“Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”

Debbie James

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