Rare Coastal Dune Lakes Along 30A

Rare Coastal Dune Lakes Along 30A

Rare Coastal Dune Lakes Along 30A

Coastal Dune Lakes - A very unique geographical feature that can only be found in Australia, Madagascar, Oregon, New Zealand and of course, in Walton County.

The phenomenal coastal dune lakes of Scenic 30A are some of the amazing natural wonders you will find in this area. These are generally permanent bodies of water. While water levels may significantly vary due to rain, the groundwater seepage through the surrounding coastal sands, and storms. What separate the lakes from the gulf are sand dunes with height that ranges from a few to more than 30 feet. These treasured geological features are rare worldwide and are almost exclusively found along the Gulf Coast in the United States.

With fifteen named dune lakes that intermittently connect with the Gulf of Mexico, it is a wonder how these lakes were formed by wind between 2,000 and 10,000 years ago. The incredible coastal dune lakes along 30A include the following:

  • Inlet Beach
  • Camp Helen
  • Lake Powell
  • Camp Creek Lake
  • Deer Lake
  • Eastern Lake
  • Western Lake
  • Alligator Lake
  • Little Redfish Lake
  • Big Redfish Lake
  • Draper Lake
  • Oyster Lake
  • Allen Lake
  • Stallworth Lake
  • Campbell Lake
  • Morris Lake
  • Fuller Lake

30A Luxury Homes - A lot of recreational activities along these Coastal Dune Lakes

Recognized by the Florida Natural Areas Inventory as “extremely rare and indispensable to the coastal wetland system”, these beautiful dune lakes create biologically diverse ecosystems with a wealthy selection of plants and wildlife. Some of the most sought after 30A luxury homes are along the coastal dune lakes because of the spectacular gems that they are. Aside from its natural beauty, there are numerous recreational activities that people get to enjoy doing here as well:

  • swimming
  • fishing
  • YOLO boarding
  • hiking
  • water-skiing
  • flounder gigging
  • frog gigging
  • bird watching
  • kayaking
  • canoeing

Homes Along Gulf Front - Discover the remarkable coastal dune lakes of 30A and be in awe of its beauty

Discover the remarkable coastal dune lakes of 30A and be in awe of its beauty. Find out why many people choose to live in the homes along 30A. Call me, Debbie James at 850-450-2000.

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