September 11 – We Will Never Forget

September 11 – We Will Never Forget

America-Remembers-September-11September 11 – We Will Never Forget

September 11 is always on the hearts of Americans. It’s hard to believe this year marks ten (10) years of remembering those catastrophic events.

Some people remember the Twin Towers in New York City as being like monoliths of glass, gleaming in the sunlight and reflecting the vibrancy of the City and this Country. Others can only NOW remember those two planes deliberately colliding with the Towers to wreak havoc, destruction and death, to a country of peace and vitality.

Then, there was the attempt on the Pentagon and the plane that never made it to the White House or Capital or wherever they were really intending to crash.  Those people died to keep us alive and free and those terrorists acted in vein.

Thousands literally ran to the rescue of those trapped in the collapsing Towers, burning buildings and wrecked plane.  Fireman, Police officers and ordinary people, all tried to help their fellow American survive that horrific situation.  All of them are Heroes.salute-september-11

For those who lost loved ones, whether family or friends, may you grieve no longer and instead remember the good times with those who perished and know their death was a result of an act of terror on our peaceful country. They will, at no time, ever be forgotten by all those in this great nation.

On September 11, whether you are busy working or vacationing, please take a moment to remember our heroes of September 11th and be thankful we live in such a wonderful country, the USA!

We Will Always Remember September 11

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