TLC for Your 30A Luxury Homes

TLC for Your 30A Luxury Homes

TLC for Your 30A Luxury Homes

TLC for your 30A Luxury Homes

Every home deserves some good tender loving care for us to continue to enjoy living in its excellent form. While it’s true that owning a 30A luxury home is almost like having your own slice of heaven, you will still need to maintain it to keep it heavenly. Being a home owner of these beautiful homes along the 30A gulf front also means being able to care for the beach as it is an extension of your home. Here are a few ways to effectively look after your beach home and the beach:

  • Repaint your home’s exterior walls, trim and sidings whenever necessary. Priming is important to keep surfaces that are exposed to the sun, sand, salt spray and wind protected.
  • Make sure that you keep debris like leaves, dirt and sand outside of the home. It is a good idea to have a foot shower by the beach entrance. A hose with a spray nozzle will do the trick.
  •  Store all beach chairs, toys and any beach equipment outside as sand may enter the house through these items.
  • Make sure that you properly dispose all your garbage. Keep in mind that there is a good chance that all the trash left on the grounds of your home can be swept up and carried off to the beach.
  • Get rid of damaged furniture, and have them replaced with durable and ecological pieces instead.
  • Have a large door mat outside your home’s entrance door, and inside as well. This will help keep any dirt away.
  • To spruce up your 30A luxury homes, add some pots of flowers and outdoor plants to your patio.
  • Regularly trim the trees and shrubs around your home to avoid them from touching your home.
  • Gaps between doors, joints and windows should be sealed to further protect your beach home from the hazards of the coastal elements.
  • Lastly, reduce, reuse and recycle. Try to keep a green lifestyle, and continue to enjoy more amazing experiences in your 30A beachfront home.

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