Tropical Storm Faye

Tropical Storm Faye

Here we go…looks like Faye will be upon the Emerald Coast early Sunday morning and will be with us all day. We will just have lots of rain. Only moving 7 miles per hour to the west. I will keep everyone posted as to how we are doing.

The media does an awesome job of reporting what is going on. The flooding in other areas of Florida doesn’t mean we will get the same. I think it was right after Dennis, everyone thought Destin was wiped off the map. It didn’t even hit us!

The Emerald Coast is still where vacationers and investors want to be. Our beaches are the most gorgeous in the USA…ok, maybe with the exception of 1 or 2 of the Virgin Islands…but you can’t drive there! Did you know that Destin, Florida is the #2 drive-to vacation destination? Orlando is #1. More and more people will discover our area as with the price of gas, they will not want to drive as far as Orlando. They will look to drive a shorter distance.

Why not buy, now and hold for the long-term gains? Prices are back to 2003 prices…before all the frenzy. There are some incredible buys! Real estate has ALWAYS been a long term hold. Somewhere along the way, many forgot that. Yes, we are in a down cycle…and it will, at some point, go back up. What I don’t understand is why do people tend to buy high and sell low. Just like the stock market. And because all is not a “hot” market, doesn’t mean it’s a time to sell. If you are in financial distress, or must sell, that’s a different story. Correct me if I’m wrong, when prices go up people tend to buy because everyone else is buying. Does that make it right? If everyone was jumping off a bridge would you follow? Why do people sell when prices are down? They panic…sound like the stock market???

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