Visit 30A’s Natural Wonders: The Coastal Dune Lakes

Visit 30A’s Natural Wonders: The Coastal Dune Lakes

Visit 30A’s Natural Wonders: The Coastal Dune Lakes

If you want to see a very rare natural phenomena, check out the Coastal Dune Lakes along 30A.

Coastal Dune Lakes are very rare that they can only be found in a few locations including Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, and South Walton, Florida. In fact, there are 15 named coastal dune lakes along South Walton’s 26-mile coastline.

Who would have thought your 30A luxury home would be near to these amazing and rare natural treasures?

30A’s coastal dune lakes were formed by winds that redistributed the sand, creating shallow lakes in the process. Most of these basins are only about 5 feet deep. The coastal dune lakes near homes along 30A are said to be 10,000 years old! Isn’t that amazing?

What makes these coastal dune lakes along 30A distinct from the rest, found in other areas, is the fact that the fresh waters sitting in these lakes are just a few feet away from the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico, separated by natural sand berms. After heavy rains or inflow, the fresh water breaches these sand berms and flows into the Gulf. Saltwater from the Gulf can also flow back into the dune lake. The mixing of fresh and saltwater until levels stabilize is known as an “outfall.” The freshwater and saltwater mixture becomes an ecosystem that is home to both fresh and saltwater species.

Residents of homes along 30A and visitors are very fortunate to be able to experience these coastal dune lakes up close and personal, thanks to the preservation efforts of Walton County and partner organizations including Choctawhatchee Basin Alliance, which regularly monitor the water quality of these precious and rare natural treasures of 30A.

If you want to experience the natural beauty of 30A’s coastal dune lakes near your home along 30A, you can rent a YOLO board or kayak and explore these natural wonders or take an eco tour with an experienced local guide.

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